Tugboat EVO 4500 Disposable Vape Pod – Lemon Tart

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TUGBOAT EVO Specifications:
1.Puffs: Approximate 4500 puffs,
2.Ejuice Capacity: 10ml,
3.Nicotine Strength: 5%,
4.Battery Capacity: 850mAh,
5.Size: 25*111mm.

Flavor – Lemon Tart

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TUGBOAT EVO 4500 Puffs Disposable vape delivers a superior performance at both lifespan and stability

Tugboat Evo Features:
Mesh Coil
Cylindrical Design
Airflow Control.

Tugboat Evo Specifications:
1. Puffs: Approximate 4500 puffs,
2. Ejuice Capacity: 10ml,
3. Nicotine Strength: 5%,
4. Battery Capacity: 850mAh,
5. Size: 25*111mm.

Tugboat Evo 10 Flavors Optional:

1.Guava Blue Razz
2.Mango Melon
3.Purple Rain
4.Green Apple Ice
5.Strawberry Mango
6.Watermelon Bubble Gum
7.Aloe Grape
8.Lemon Tart
9.Gummy Bear
10.Cool Mint

Tugboat Evo Packing Details:
1 Pcs Tugboat Vape,
10Pcs /Pack,

Tugboat EVO Disposable Vape 4500 Puffs
The TUGBOAT disposable 4500 puffs are the best option for people who are allergic to other inhalers. The EVO disposable 4500 puffs are easy to use and come in a convenient pack of four. They are the best option for people who have asthma, hay fever, or other allergies that can be exacerbated by regular use of other inhalers. The EVO disposable 4500 puffs are the only inhaler that does not contain any latex or additives. Tugboat EVO Disposable has a longer lifespan and stability than other boats, making it the ideal disposable battery for use in watercrafts. The Tugboat EVO Disposable has a higher capacity, longer life, and better performance than traditional disposable batteries. Tugboat EVO Disposable is a disposable vape device with a 10ml pod capacity and a built-in 850mAh battery that can produce up to 4500puffs. Adopt mesh oil instead.

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1 Pc, 10 Pcs Full Box

Tugboat Evo 4500 Flavors

Aloe Grape, Bahamas mamas, Banana Ice, Black Dragon Ice, Black Mamba, Cherry Pie Ice, Cool Mint, Cotton Candy, Green Apple Ice, Guava Blue Razz, Gummy Bear, Hawaiin Fruit, Lemon Tart, Lush Ice, Mango Melon, Purple Rain, Red Energy, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Lychee, Strawberry Mango, Triple Berry, Tropical Ice, Watermelon Bubblegum