BLVK SaltNic E-liquid 35mg & 50mg

40,00 د.إ


30ml Bottles Packaged
Available in 35mg and 50mg of Nicotine
Premium Flavors Available

BLVK SaltNic E-liquid 35mg & 50mg 40,00 د.إ
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BLVK SaltNic E-liquid is currently available for distribution on-line at World Star Vapes wholesale vape store in Los Angeles, California, USA. The 30mL bottle contains 35mg or 50mg of nicotine. It is not for use in sub-ohm vape kits. There are many different flavors to choose from, including traditional tobacco.


Nicotine Salt series from BLVK Unicorn. Available in 12 Premium Flavors. Manufactured in a High Quality Manufacturing Unit in Southern California. The Nicotine Salt are so well prepared, You are sure to fall in love with one of the flavors. Available in cheap wholesale price.

BLVK SaltNic E-liquid FEATURES:

30ml Bottles Packaged
Available in 35mg and 50mg of Nicotine
Premium Flavors Available

BLVK SaltNic E-liquid Profile


A Frozen Apple a day will keep your worries away as the taste of crisp red and green apples collide with a menthol breeze to completely satisfy your senses.

Caramel Tobacco

Experience a smooth tobacco flavor skillfully blended with the refined notes of caramel.

Cuban Cigar

Inhale the rich and dark notes of a cuban cigar along with a slight hint of vanilla for one refined cuban cigar blend.


Indulge your taste buds in the ultimate grape sensation, blending fresh plump purple grapes for a full spectrum of subtle and bold fruit notes with every vape.


Juicy honeydew melon chunks are combined with a plethora of mixed berries for a flavorful explosion that has never been experienced before.


This blast of sweet lychee with a hit of cool menthol creates an explosion of fruity and chill flavor like you’ve never experienced before


Enter Mango, a perfectly ripened tropical fruit that exudes the feeling of Summer all day, everyday.

Pistachio Tobacco

A flue-cured tobacco flavor balanced by the earthy notes of pistachio and a light menthol kick


An icy burst on the inhale followed by a smooth and refreshing spearmint experience on the exhale. A must for menthol connoisseurs worldwide


Sweet chewy candy with an explosive strawberry center that brings euphoric feelings with every vape.

BLVK SaltNic E-liquid Easy to Maintain

It doesn’t require any long process to operate. It is easy to maintain and only works with low-wattage devices. Every vape enthusiast looks for advanced ways to enjoy vaping. It is not for those who are cloud chasers. It is especially for MTL vapers and needs no hassle. If you will use this then you don’t need to glue your vape all the time because it satisfies your cravings in a better way. Now you can have a fantastic experience because it is known for its style and performance.

More Stable than Freebase

It is more stable and its color will never change fast. It makes smokers more addicted than cigarettes. It is a natural form and is absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream. One of the main reasons why people go for it is that it doesn’t affect the e-liquid flavors. Vape dubai king only provides quality products to ensure your positive experience of vaping. It offers original flavor at every hit and keeps you energized. You save a lot of money when you invest in vaping equipment or other accessories. It is beneficial for those who are looking to cut cravings. It is also a wonderful way to get the right ratio of nicotine. It remains in your bloodstream for a longer period and is less harmful than smoking.  If you want to purchase vaping equipment from a trusted source then visit our website.

Super Simple Salt Nicotine at a Low Price

It is beginner-friendly and ideal for a fun night out. Do you want a better level of vaping? Yes! So, check out our premium collection of vaping equipment. If you are failing to quit smoking then you should go for it. Salt Nicotine is safer than traditional cigarettes so, it is the right time to book your order.

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