Buy Vuse Go 5000 Disposable Vape 20MG Online Dubai

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Vuse Go 20mg 5000 Puffs Disposable
Brand : Vuse
Model : Vuse Go Disposable Vape
Liquid : 20ML
Nic Capacity : 20MG
Puffs : 5000 Puffs
Flavors : Blue Raspberry, Mango ice, Blueberry ice, Peppermint ice

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Buy Vuse Go Disposable

Discover our latest Vuse go disposable vape with up to 5,000 puffs*. Features an easy-view liquid device and rechargeable design for enhanced convenience and value. **Lasts longer for uninterrupted enjoyment

Experience the Next Level in Vaping : Our Latest Disposable Vape

  • More Puffs, More Value: Enjoy up to 5,000 puffs* for a longer-lasting vaping experience.
  • Vuse Go Disposable: 20mg nictoine
  • Innovative Easy-View Liquid Device: Easily see how much liquid is left, ensuring you’re never caught off guard.
  • Rechargeable for Extended Use: Now with rechargeable functionality to last you even longer.
  • Superior to Previous Models: Offers a significant upgrade over the Vuse GO 2.0mL and Vuse GO Max 4.8mL devices in terms of capacity and longevity.

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Note: Puff count is based on laboratory testing of newly manufactured products, including recharging. Actual experience may vary depending on individual usage behavior.

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Vuse Go Flavor

Blue Raspberry, Blueberry ice, Grape ice, Mango ice, Peppermint ice